Mash-up Friday


Due to multiple factors, we have to cancel this year's Friday evening event. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help, please contact us (724-455-2122). If you were planning to come on Friday, but not on Saturday, please consider coming to our Saturday event, featuring Josh Wilson and more!


Friday, July 22, 2016

Harr Soccer Field - North Campus

1076 King's Way

Donegal, PA 15628

Headliner: Never Forsaken

Check out their website to hear their music and find out who they are! Be sure to follow them on facebook, instagram, and twitter!

Mash-up Friday is an event that will provide an opportunity to showcase what God is doing through you, your friends, or your church. The evening typically features many different styles of performances (contemporary, rock, rap, dramas, etc.) Along with the bands that are playing, we like to take the opportunity to feature youth performers throughout the evening (their performance can be as simple/short as performing one song). Do you know any youth or youth oriented ministries who are involved in music, drama, or any other Christian based activities that they may want to share with others? If so, this will be a great opportunity for you!


Friday, July 22. The gates will open at 5:00 pm and music will start at 6:00 pm (times are subject to change). Performances in this evening’s event will be on Stage B under the lights! We’d like to see many individuals and groups come support each other and meet new people as they share the talents God has given them to use for HIM!


The concession stand will be open all evening for anyone who is interested in purchasing food.


A place to camp overnight will be provided for those who don't want to travel home just to come back the next day. Be sure to view our Camping Rules if you plan to camp.


How Do I Purchase a Ticket?
Unless you are a performer, or the parent/leader coming with the performer(s), you will need to purchase a ticket for Alloutpraise to get into the event. Check out the Tickets page for more information on ways to purchase tickets and pricing.


How Do I Sign up to Perform?
You can sign up to perform by contacting Brittney Grimm (see her contact info below). Time will be limited, so performers will be given a spot on a first come first served basis.


For more information, to register for a performance slot, or to purchase tickets contact Brittney: 724-455-2122 ext. 101 or